A little head space at Petersham Nurseries by the Thames

September 9, 2016

Across a meadow near the Thames and down a dreamy little path to the village of Petersham lies Petersham Nurseries.........a well loved spot by locals and a celebrated find by all else.

This exquisite nursery is dressed up beautifully according to the season to charm and delight even the most expert of gardeners. I love to roam around and plan my garden; occasionally buying the odd plant (it's not the cheapest). The home area is stuffed full of one off pieces, exquisite candles and soaps. Generally though I love to just sit and not think....................... in one of the airy conservatories filled with flowers and pretty tables and chairs; an organic tea and home-make cake to hand. The teahouse sells a homemade soup which is always delicious and healthy and a variety of tarts and salads. Peace, calm and food to comfort the most irate. For a more formal affair, there is a truly magnificent restaurant at Petersham Nurseries called The Cafe in the main conservatory surrounded by exotic and perfumed plants........ it's expensive but oh so special! It's all about slow food and they won an award for it last year!

Everyone coming to London should take a trip to Richmond and wander along the Thames to Petersham unless the tide overflows in which case you may take a rowing boat.   Walking is best as a drive to the tiny car park will quickly stress you. Cars shouldn't be allowed in Petersham; it's a tiny village with gas lamps, shaggy dogs, pretty cottages and stunning historic mansions but, sadly, the London traffic bows to nothing!!!!

This corner of London has a magic........... with cows at the national trust land of Petersham meadows next door, Richmond Park up the Hill and Kew Gardens the next tube stop; it's a place to stop and dare to breathe slightly fresher air - sometimes it's almost feels like the countryside.!!!!

Holiday photography in this area offers numerous wonderful images such as the Thames meandering through countryside, Richmond Bridge, Richmond Park, Richmond Hill down to the Thames (famous Turner painting) and Kew Gardens to name but a few.

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4 Responses to "A little head space at Petersham Nurseries by the Thames"
  1. Just wonderful photographs and information Jill . Really enjoyed and will follow wit interest .. Makes me miss living in the uk !

  2. Wow, what beautiful photographs…they have truly inspired me to re-visit Petersham Nurseries, it’s been far too long! Keep them coming Jilly!

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